Artist Statement

   - To the exhibition in London -


Timeless Colours, Borderless Lines




I am making oil painting on silk cloth on board. Nihon-ga, Japanese paintings with a history of over 1300 years, is made on wasi-paper or silk cloth with sumi-ink or pigments dissolved with glue.




One of Western classical techniques of oil painting were drew on cloth on board. In the technique, first, painters made a solid foundation with white chalk and glue, then, drew the subject over and over again with oil paint. Finally they covered the surface by varnish. 




The graceful texture of silk particular to Nihon-ga and the luster and solidity particular to oil painting; The both are what I wish to get.




As Silk Road connected the East to the West through carrying silk, I wish to make something precious connect. I wish to hand down the tradition of Nihon-ga through oil painting.


This is how the technique was born.




Painting is an expressive media to explore multi-dimensions through putting unlimited-dimensions down to two-dimensions. The flower vase I paint must look incongruous, because the bottom drawn in perspective should be described as an arc, not a straight line. Everyone has, even if small, his or her peculiarities, and see something as he or she likes. That is why every line can be an entrance to different dimensions.








We live today being afraid to be swallowed up by enormous darkness.  Fear begets fear everywhere, and we are alienated because of our excessive consciousness of mutual differences. I am afraid that we are entrapped into an endless loop seeking stimulation called "impact."




A light shines into darkness of chaos, and the light makes a seed awake and bud.  That flowers bloom is a symbol of joy, flowers are a symbol of the essence of beauty, and flowers in full bloom are a symbol of prosperity and happiness. But, symbol is a symbol, after all. The moment we seem to have captured something in flower, the flower begins to fall, and the season turns to next one. Beauty comes and goes with no end.




   I feel it is about time for us to reconsider the period when we sought something beautiful regarded as beautiful. I wish to return to the middle age with the eyes of present time. I am sure that light will be shed on a new seed of art.




Oguma Asaco